Episode #18 with Adedayo Fashanu

The art of being alive

 LISTEN IN HERE Adedayo Fashanu is a millennial who refuses to play small and is ready to be a game changer in her generation. A writer, mental health and wellness advocate. She lives on the one philosophy that we are all designed to live a thriving life regardless of our backgrounds, resources available, locations or anything… 

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Episode #17 with Patricia Mauerhofer

Mind Body and Business with Patricia Mauerhofer

Today’s guest is a wise woman who guests us to share your passion and knowledge mind body and business. Mind-Body Success Mentor, Patricia Mauerhofer empowers women in business to making money and making a difference without harming their own health or sacrificing close relationships. A certified project manager and professional coach, she is living her… 

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Episode #16 with Ellie Savoy


Ellie Savoy is the owner and founder of Diet Free and Healthy, Inc. and is known by many as the Queen of Simple Weight Loss. She has a gift and passion for helping serial dieters break free from the dieting roller-coaster for good, reclaim their waistline, and discover the ultimate gift of health. CLICK HERE… 

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Life status: It’s complicated…

Simple living

I know complicated! Yet I have never dealt with it well. Every time someone says “It’s complicated” I feel heaviness in my body – no thank you, never mind. I am in many ways simple minded. I loose the storyline in sci-fi movies. I feel confused 3 lines in… “In a galaxy far far away,… 

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When the stress releaser, becomes the stress increaser

women and stress

  I can’t begin to count how many times I have heard “I should meditate at least 20 minutes a day” or “ I have to do yoga in the morning or it won’t work” or “ I just failed at it this week”. We embark on these journeys with great intentions, we know it feels good… 

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Episode #15 with Ellen Nightingale


Ellen and I share a favorite quote. I knew as soon as I saw here website that I had to interview this woman. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”  ~Maya Angelou She works with moms to support communication skills and attachment skills. She works with moms who have children… 

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Episode #14 with Sara Christensen


  We had such a fun interview. I laughed most of the time and Sara is a such a great woman. This podcast is about health, the body, why it isn’t about food and oh yeah – Granny underwear… About Sara As an accomplished CEO, acclaimed coach, dynamic speaker and insightful author, Sara Christensen brings… 

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Going BARE with Michelle Fetsch – Episode #13

BARE Campain.

  Tune in to hear more about the BARE campaign and the importance of loving your body -exactly as it is. Michelle Fetsch is the visionary behind the organization Women Enough whose BARE Campaign is empowering women of all shapes and sizes to expose their bodies and life stories with the world. Michelle has been… 

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a tribute to: sleeping children

mindfulness in eberyday life

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote: “I have arrived, I am home” is the shortest Dharma Talk I have ever given. “I have arrived, I am home” means “I don’t want to run anymore.” You need that insight in order to be truly established in the here and now, and to embrace life with all its wonders…. 

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