Episode #9 moving with Michele Young

Self-compassion podcast show

A short episode on the power of moving your body. Connecting to your sensuality through dance. A fun talk with Michele Young. Michele Young, MA is the creator of  MY Inspired Life which is dedicated to helping clients live healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  She combines her work as a fitness instructor, her Master’s degree… 

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Connect in Thursday: Friends

Connect with friends

In times of stress, one of the first things I have neglected were my friends. The people that I didn’t have to feed or pick up somewhere. Not that I didn’t miss them, I just couldn’t find the energy to give anything. But they are the connections that fill me up, give me that something… 

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Episode #8 with Karen Osburn

Self-compassionate woman Karen Osborn

  Do you shame yourself as a mom? Do you feel guilty about not being perfect? Karen Osburn guests us today to talk about motherhood and embracing ourselves, our imperfections and vulnerability with more love. Dr. Karen Osburn is a Chiropractor, Wife, and Adoptive Mommy of two young boys. Her Chiropractic office, Synergy Family Wellness… 

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Connect In Thursday: B R E A T H E

Self-compassion breathe

We are moves, doers and driven women. We want to do things right. Often with meditation or yoga that “doing it right” enters how our practice, it could be we feel the longer the better, sitting right, getting the poses 100% like our teacher. The sense of what works for us, can fade a little…. 

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Episode #7 Pleasure with Lesley Stedmon

Self-compassion podcast woman

Do you miss pleasure in your life? Today’s show is a great and important one. Our guest today is bringing pleasure back, not as a luxury but as a part of everyday life. I love it. Lesley Stedmon believes that pleasure is non-negotiable. She wants to live in a world where busy women take the… 

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Episode #6 with Casey Erin Wood

Casey erin wood

I was curious about what authentic brilliance is, and invited Casey on the show to tell her story and why she feels Authentic brilliance is something we all have. Casey Erin Wood has a simple philosophy: the universe is speaking to us, we should listen. As a writer, speaker and coach she has dedicated her… 

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Episode #5 Inspirational Woman Bri Seeley

Inspirational Woman Project

Bri Seeley is here with a strong message and an inspirational project that is going to touch the hearts of many women. She is an entrepreneur for all things woman that is passionate about sharing her story, and the stories of other amazing women. Her training and passion as a fashion designer led her to… 

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